Wednesday, August 1, 2012

lost in the flurries

not completely lost, but deep in the woods, trying to make my way out into the sunshine. 

these past couple months have been full of rich life content. a trip to chicago to visit beloved friends, another trip to san diego to be with family and celebrate sage's 5th birthday, a barn party with live music + good friends + beer, a 50-mile bike ride up to the marin headlands (that left me sunburned and miserable!), fun and challenging projects at work, stealth shooting a surprise engagement, etc etc. it's all delicious...but i recognize i've been moving at an unsustainable pace and i am playing along a sharp edge.

i find myself constantly tired, my mind wandering off about what i need to do and where i wish i were and trying to be present. 

i keep imagining how nice it would be to hike under those giant redwoods in the santa cruz mountains, where i have often found solace. 

i long for quiet and stillness in my heart, so that i can return to that place of bounty and creativity.

soon & soon again.


  1. Stay home and let the farm vibe and the gorgeous light in your loft soak in. : )


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