Wednesday, May 2, 2012

gratitude jar | 3 more months to go.

last july, i started a gratitude jar. it has been one of the best practices i've taken on. it genuinely increases my level of joy. i remember when i started it, my intention was to write down just one thing each day. turns out, i can cram a lot of words on those tiny pieces of paper.

i have so much to be grateful for each day! and you know what i've observed? my gratitude is deeply rooted in people, people, people. and as my gratitude has increased, i'm certain that i've become a more joyful person.

ps. the picture was taken back in november. the jar is significantly more full today.


  1. lovely idea! I think I'm going to start a gratitude jar today :-)

  2. I wondered what was in that jar when I was hanging out with you but forgot to ask. Now I have my answer! And what a lovely image, love the sunlight.

  3. what a fantastic idea! and what beautiful light captured here.

  4. That's an awsome idea.Thank you ! <3


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