Wednesday, August 3, 2011

lily. 100 days.

in korean tradition, it used to be a pretty big deal to make it to the 100th day of life. this first segment of time was crucial because any number of things could go wrong and lead to a baby's death. to get through the first 100 days symbolized that a child would make it. these days, however, the 100th day is an excuse to get together and eat good food. (at least that's my take.) well i like that excuse. 

for lily's 100th day, after i ate a lot of good food, i snapped a few pictures to capture how delicious she currently is. i simply love her to bits and adore her perfect little self. and since her default face is a frown, i have to say that my ego was stroked when i (effortlessly) made her laugh.* 

*ok, it wasn't effortless. i had to make really weird noises and faces while lifting her up and down.

i think she's bored of being a table decoration. 

don't worry girl, i'd be crying too if i got dressed in that outfit. (no offense sister!)
a new love indeed.

1 comment:

  1. Awesome photos Liz. As usual :). She's the first of your nieces that I think really looks like you. Such a cutie!


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