Sunday, June 19, 2011

there's this room in the barn

it's a square room that sits next to the kitchen.

in its past life,
it used to be the office of the head honcho of a design start-up, who owned the barn. 
then it used to be a bedroom for the head honcho of a local non-profit.
and for the past couple years, it's served as a lonely destination for meals. (aka, dining room)

it felt a bit like a jail. and i don't know what it's like to eat in a jail cell, but i imagine this experience came close. i put up some photos, threw in some plants, got a rug ... but nothing seemed to fit quite right. 

so today, i pushed the dining table aside, rolled up the rug, pulled out my old easel, and set up shop to start painting. 

standing there with my blank canvas,
i felt the breeze wrap around my left arm and hug my chest, 
i watched the golden rays settle, the plums ripen, and shadows whisper by.

instead of forcing the room to be what i thought it should be, it now has a chance to become what it was meant to be. 

i am beginning to see what was there all along...


  1. You really paint a picture with your words here... Well done!

  2. funny how sometimes we take a while to look at something the right way to see what it should be.


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