Thursday, June 2, 2011

point reyes | i stole it from the earth.

while sitting, looking at this...

i noticed these... 
...and i had to bring some home with me. so i pulled a few from their home with the exquisite view, to come and live in a barn, on a deep wine purple kitchen window sill. there ain't no waves crashing here, but they get to see cats sit on a fence, to hear kids run around and chickens squawking, and to watch me cut up fruit. i'm happy they live with me now. hope they're happy too.  ;-) 

i love succulents.

succulent. [suhk-yuh-luhnt]
1. full of juice; juicy
2. rich in desirable qualities
3. affording mental nourishment

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely post. For the 60 seconds it took me to read this, I was completely transported to Point Reyes and to the view from the barn window. Thanks for the little mental break. :)


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