Monday, March 21, 2011

all around me...

...i see new life.

i snuck outside between the torrents of rain this weekend.
and all i could see was new life everywhere. the garden is simply stunning right now. if you are local or in town for a visit, please come by. it won't take your breath might breathe life into you.

what a delicate reach!
cherry blossoms.
i can't wait to sink my teeth into a sun ripened apricot this summer. they're unbelievably tasty & meaty.

the fuyu persimmon tree seems like it's made it's home.
coming in for an asparakiss.
the plum trees are prolific.
o, just lookin.

1 comment:

  1. wet and gray but little bits of life in spite of it. it's reminding me to pray for japan . . . and the rest of the world.


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