Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i miss...


i've been off running for a while now because i have this incredibly stubborn case of plantar fasciitis in my right foot. it flared before i fractured my foot last september, and the condition fluctuates daily. sometimes, with just normal use i'll feel pain at the end of the day.

during a staff meeting today, we talked about what brings us joy. the first thing that came to mind was how i feel immediately after a long trail run (the ones that last between 2-4 hours). the culmination of being fully engaged in mind, body, heart, engulfed in nature, staying utterly present, challenging myself, exhausting everything i have, and "finishing," results in this electrifying experience of joy. it doesn't have to be running, but do you know what i mean??

last week, i even dreamt that i was given this task to run. i had to run laps around the tiniest loop like a mad lady running around in circles in someone's house (that's actually what i did in the dream.) it was mindless, easy, and boring, but i was so freaking happy because i got to run. in my dream, my body was without injury. i hope that one day soon i can run like i ran in my dream, in the presence of exquisite mountain landscapes.

i miss running.


  1. maybe that will be your *thing* in heaven. mine will be dancing hella crazy dance moves.

  2. my thing in heaven will be swimming in a sea of milk tea with giant floating tapioca pearls (that are edible).

    your job is still so crazy to me... i can't believe you talk about what brings you joy during a staff meeting.

    and yes.. you will run again. <3

  3. @eliana - i think those 'hella crazy dance moves' should be experienced in the here and now. don't wait til heaven.

    @stephie - giant floating tapioca pearls sounds scary and kinda disgusting. lol. i love boba. & yeah.. i guess it is kinda crazy to be talking about what brings us joy at a staff meeting.
    thanks for the encouragement love. :)


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