Monday, October 25, 2010

new york is slow.

i love slow photography.

i don't know if that term exists already, but the way i define it is more of an approach rather than an output. it means to move through a space with the intention of capturing imagery, but moving at a emotional/mental/physical/soulful pace that allows one to see the connections that already exist between all things. in creating this kind of slow moving space, i believe we open ourselves up to people, things, time in a way that feels more natural and in the flow. it makes me feel more reflective and grateful.

for me, slow photography inspires me most.

it helps me interact with people's stories, i get to wander, i see things i normally wouldn't if i were walking quickly or trying to get that next inspired shot. the inspiration comes to me; i don't have to strive to find it. i feel more thoughtful & curious. there's just space to breathe. it doesn't become about getting a lot of images, but just getting a few that really capture "it" for me.

like sitting against a wall on a lawn watching students, faculty, and staff walk up and down stairs at columbia.

like stopping at a hungarian cafe to enjoy a cookie and latte, so i can indulge in a book.

be it staring at the intricacies of the tree.

taking a slow walk across the brooklyn bridge

sitting under a tree, on a rock, overlooking a small lake in central park to read

or peeking through a fence

hope you're inspired by slowing down and seeing in a new way.


  1. I'm in love with every image here. Your slow photography is quite remarkable Liz!

  2. love this- i'm trying my luck at slow photography as well, and will be in nyc in a couple weeks. brooklyn bridge will be on my itinerary!

  3. This is a lovely collection, Liz. I completely agree with your approach here - slowing down, really taking things in, absorbing.

  4. See, once again I feel like I have gone somewhere beautiful and intriguing and I didn't even have to find a babysitter. Thanks for letting me (us) be your travel buddies.

  5. I like your post, especially the photo of central park!

  6. I had never heard of the term "slow photography" until now, but it makes so much sense. I took on photography as a hobby a few years back and I always (unknowingly) approached it with this idea of inviting instead of searching for inspiration. Thank you for putting into words what I previously could not. :)


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