Sunday, October 3, 2010

the list.

i feel beckoned.
i am curious.

these are the places i want to go
& the list continues to grow.

. peru
. spain
. montana in the summer
. canada
. alaska during a season transition. (spring to summer or summer to fall)
. colorado
. ashland, oregon to run in the mountains
. iceland
. patagonia, chile
. austin, texas
. china to visit a dear friend and see this.
. ...


  1. If you go to Alaska, I suggest summer to fall. Denali was exquisite with all its fall colors. I have a friend in Anchorage that you might be able to stay with and if he's available, he'll take you on tons of adventures.

    I know super great people to introduce you to in Austin if you are interested in the music scene.

  2. wait, excuse me! where is Guadalajara in that list? add us, add us, si??


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