Wednesday, September 15, 2010

panama :: intentions.

i believe that it's important to live an intentional life. be it small decisions, medium-sized ones, or something quite grand...our intentions are all important to living a meaningful, serendipitous, humble & joyful life.

last november, i learned a little something about intentions and putting them out there. (remember when i hitch-hiked my way around kauai?) i learned that when we can muster up even the smallest portion of boldness to say to the world, "this is what i want," it can become reality.

will it look exactly as you imagined? probably not. but it'll probably satisfy the hell out of you, whether you recognize it or not. (why?) b/c it feels good to get what you want, regardless of what shape, size, or form it comes in.

so of course i had some intentions going into panama. here are a few from my list:
  • connect with panamanian locals.
  • i want a mental shift to occur after challenging my body to do something really demanding.
  • have a transformative conversation with nat.
  • make a new friend.
  • try a food that's really out there.
  • engage in slow photography.
  • ...
photos & reflections of these manifestations to come.

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