Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the harpers // a family shoot.

i probably met josh over 5 years ago when i was on intern staff with intervarsity. but it wasn't until about 2 years ago that our lives started intersecting again. since then, i've been inspired by josh's passion for pretty much anything fun & interesting. from cycling to camping to baking and sewing to new-ish methods of composting... he's definitely an inspiration.

anyway, b/c bullets are easy to read:

(one) lucy's curly locks smell intoxicatingly good.
(two) her little faces and noises of words are squeakily cute.

(three) josh has inspired me to bike more - bike camping is still on my to try list. ;)

(four) this was my first bartered photo shoot.

(five) what was the exchange? well, a handmade hammock, of course!
(six) the harpers are a delightful family...no doubt.

thanks for inviting me to capture these memories (& for that delicious lunch at the farmers market.)

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