Thursday, March 4, 2010

montana. part vii.

we don't always get the 10,000' view of our lives, as magnificent as it may be.

for how are we to understand all of those beautiful intricacies, unless we are there in the thick of it, looking? ....hearing? ....discovering? ....being present? ....having our footsteps & lives overlap?

maybe it's a mercy that we only get glimpses of the aerial view.


  1. hey liz just caught up on your blog. breathtaking! what adventures--it's really exciting to be a part of it through your pics.

  2. So first your wonderful profile picture caught my eye in all of the comments on Color Me Katie. And then I saw your name is Liz, like me. And then I saw that you had been to Montana, where I currently live. And then I saw this post, and now I'm just smitten with your blog :)


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