Monday, February 22, 2010

montana. part ii.

it didn't take much to take my breath away.
feb 13-17: i spent time in helena, mt with 3 fantastically creative people:
amy seeley, ryan rebo, and andrew shepherd. it still amazes me that when we are open to it, our lives can intersect with the most 'random' people & we can expect to be changed.

the time spent and the space created in montana has re-awakened me. i feel alive again!
i hope you're refreshed & inspired today as you approach everything with a deep sense of openness. :)


  1. I feel like a puppy waiting for its treat. hehe

    i want part 3,4,5,and 6! =)

    so this is beautiful. Im so glad you walked away with a greater sense of self.

    I feel inspired now to kick monday's butt with goodness

  2. gorgeous. isn't traveling such a sense of renewal? especially to see such beautiful sights that are pure nature. can't wait to see more <3

  3. i love how the late night comments are all from photographers. go to sleep already! ;)

  4. as always, I love your photos. I happen to be heading to Wyoming right now--so the photos are especially inspiring.

  5. so thrilled .. i keep reading over these posts as they have been god-breathed--a cold and fresh breath .. a quiet one.


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