Saturday, November 28, 2009

unexpected inspiration & illumination

this afternoon ::
followed my gut and went to a satellite workshop for monotation.
connected with a stranger, who i now call friend.

walked around the temescal neighborhood of oakland.

gained insight about myself by the pictures i took.

bought oversized letters that spell 'eat.'

visited the lovely bakesale betty.

what we did ::
walk around and take pictures of stuff that captured my attention
reflected on what these images evoked, specifically in one word
then, i came home and edited these and stamped a word into the image
i was surprised by the themes that emerged out of the collection of images.

here are some of my favorites from today ::

(feel free to comment on which ones you resonate with and why or if you could name it something different, what you would name the image - using only one word).


  1. What a delicious experiment, bakesale betty and otherwise! Thank you for sharing the day.

  2. I"m digging the "imprint" and most especially the barbie doll upside down - "redefine". please do.

    nice shots, liz.


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