Tuesday, August 25, 2009

monday morning meal.

this week, 2 things have captured my attention: figs & cold brewed coffee
about figs
the colors

the textures
the flavor
the crunching and the squishing at the same exact time
the sound of the cracking of the seeds

about cold brew coffee

the 60% less acidity & cold brew method draws out the flavor of coffee.
i mean it, it really draws it out.
the immediate satisfaction
the convenience of it being pre-made
the lack of waste
the way the 1 part coffee and 3 parts milk swirl together at first interaction

just lovely, <3


  1. i <3 that fig photo

    can i come over and have breakfy with you sometime?

  2. oh my gosh.. of course you can come have breakfast over here. i'd love to host you. =)


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