Saturday, June 20, 2009

the barn: welcome

so it's finally happening. i'm moving.
i figured, get a bunch of friends over and have a painting party on friday and voila, i could move in!

um. it hasn't turned out exactly as i had thought. although the 1st floor isn't that big...there is a lot of surface to cover.

on thursday, i stayed up prepping all of the downstairs and taping the edges so that we could have fun painting the rooms. i figured my friends and i would be done around 6pm if we started around 11ish.

over 10 hours later, only the bathroom is "complete." (it still needs the trim around the door painted). the bedroom's ceiling is complete and the rest of the walls are all primed so that i can paint the room it's actual color.

i have pictures, but will have to post it later. here are a few teasers from today's work-in-progress session.

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