Thursday, December 11, 2008

a taste of europe

was where i had just walked back from after talking to muhammed for a while. he's the owner of this specialty european market that has a large selection of imported chocolate from all over europe. our conversation was so enlightening that i walked back to the SW over hawthorne bridge and had to sit and meditate on our interaction. this pictures takes you to portland through my eyes. welcome.


  1. this is a beautiful photo - i love it how the colours are so dreamy - how do you get photographs like that?

  2. great picture Liz! It makes me want to be in portland right now!

  3. hi aimee. thank you! i use and tweak actions from the totallyrad collection. check em out. you can create some really neat feels to your imagery.

    and i'm sure there are a ton of other action options out there too that i haven't touched yet. :P


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