Tuesday, September 9, 2008

looking for a well

i'm going to a workshop.
it's called "experiencing love in the real world" and it'll be in arizona.

all the speakers seem great, but three of them i'm looking forward to the most.
jesh de rox: experiential fine art wedding photographer
amy seeley: canadian singer song writer
charlie engle: endurance runner and inspirational speaker

i'm going to try to update, but if i don't...know that i'm deep deep in conversation, reflection, nature, nurture, and love. i'm looking forward to sharing from the well of inspiration.

have the most amazing day ever tomorrow...and the day after...and forever.


  1. oh my gosh! i am {so} jealous!
    please please please do share/write about your experience if you can... i just think it's going to be an amazing workshop... have a wonderful, magical time.

  2. looking forward to hearing about you being enlighten at the well. :-)


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