Monday, August 11, 2008

sometimes...'s too easy to just look through my latest pics and slap on anything, because i know people have expectations to see something new. i am exactly that way with other blogs.

if it's not updated, i think, "what the heck! they should update."


i'm realizing that i've lost touch with why i first started this blog. it was to record the snippets of my day that inspired me, not to please a crowd. i want my work to be a natural overflow of creative inspiration - i don't think it should be contrived.

i started feeling this way especially as i've found myself in a fury of business and exhaustion. i'd find myself late at night, thinking..."oh my gosh, what am i going to blog about?!" instead of doing what i really needed... be thankful for the day and go to sleep. so, it's august11, and i want to "start over" in some sense.

here's to random new beginnings, iterations, better health and life!


  1. too much 'stress' for your blog is no good. keep up with the very nice photos.

  2. so glad you came to this conclusion. :)

  3. I think the thing I love most about your blog is knowing that the pic you present really struck your fancy. And I love that you share that with us!

  4. I think it's easy to lose site of inspiration when you're in the grind of "business" (editing like a mad woman late into the night...thanks for the AWESOME pictures of our family!) Glad you had this reflection and may you only post when you truly are inspired.


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