Monday, August 18, 2008

maricar+james=love | new life

i said i'd post pics from maricar and james' wedding back in july, and just realized that i completely forgot to do that. and the only reason why i did was because kai kai reminded me yesterday when we were shooting an e-session together. (thanks kai kai).

jerry invited me to come shoot with him and ingrid a lil while back. they are both super creative, and you should definitely check out their goodies.

here they are! enjoy...


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous! the first one is amaaaaaaaaazing!

    all of them are fabulous!

  2. that is smokin!!! hey you should show off that color in the first one!

  3. on first take of photo #1, i thought you had taken photos of a rose petal. very neat!

  4. love these photos -- they are gorgeous!

  5. Liz, these pics are beee-utiful. Does this mean you posed, shot and edited? creative, sexy, evocative and gentle.

  6. Since I was second shooting, most of these were directed by Jerry. The ones that I posed is the B&W one (#1) and the group shot and the second to last one. :) I did the editing for these...


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