Sunday, August 31, 2008

Conor+Joanne | E-session

i love the way that conor looks at joanne [&] i love the way that joanne admiringly loves him back.
a couple weeks ago, kai kai came down to the east bay to help me shoot conor and joanne's e-session. kai kai and i met at scott robert's workshop in ny this past june. it was super helpful to have a supportive friend and an emerging photographer there to help me capture the shoot. check out his recent work on his blog.


  1. My fav shot is the one where she's lying down on his lap and he's caressing her hair! (the one where only his torso shows)

    GREAT JOB LIZ!! Your future as a great photographer awaits you!

  2. i love his striped socks! i'm a fan

  3. you're a natural. the world is your oyster liz.

  4. dang it. gotta get to posting mine.


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