Thursday, July 10, 2008

[drumroll please]

the first picture, HK (1 point) and shindz (1 point) got it right. it was taken at stanford at the oval. BUT, because they weren't specific about where on stanford campus, i'm going to knock off 1/2 a point. (that's right, baby!)

the second picture is the toilet flusher of a kiddie toilet in my friend's house in santa cruz. i saw the reflection while you-know-what-ing and went back in to take that picture. since this guess was two part: the location and the actual thing....we have loads of winners!
HK (1/2 point), Becca (1/2 point), Shee Shee (1/2 point), Melissa (1/2 point), and shindz (1/2 point).

but, the grand winners with the most points - a whopping ONE POINT- are [drumroll please]

HK and shindz

You win: Fraiche Yogurt...on time you're in Palo Alto. Ohh whaddaya know, HK and I are already meeting up next Wednesday for some pre-dinner fro yo. hahah... and shindz? you get your pick since I already owe you a drink: Rose & Crowns or Fraiche. Yummm

THANK GOD none of the winners were out of the bay area! It would've cost you a lot to fly out to Palo Alto for some frozen yogurt with me - even though it's worth every one of those many dollars that fraiche customers need to dish out (and for good times with me). ;P

special thanks to this lil boy who's toilet training process allowed me to encounter the thing he's going to get REALLY familiar with for the rest of his life. the royal chair that we all love and cherish and miss when we've had to squat. meet james.


  1. i guess i'll have to try fraiche on my own. thanks for the froyo recommendation :).

  2. so does this mean rose and crown AND fraiche? haa.

  3. "i saw the reflection while you-know-what-ing"....

    I'm perplexed here! If you're a gal, how did you see the toilet flusher while "you-know-what-ing"? As a guy, it's easy for me to see the flusher while "you-know-what-ing", but doesn't your type sit/squat? You must have a hidden talent! = )

  4. mmm.. fraiche... though I do like red mango more. =) but rose & crown = good times.

  5. @shindz - hmm.. you're right.. it does mean the first AND the second.

  6. @mike - i love that you're perplexed.
    my type does, in fact, sit/squat when you-know-what-ing. BUT, when the kiddie toilet (w/ that cool happy face flusher) is in front of the adult toilet while doing the THANG, it makes it a lot easier to see the toilet flusher.

    I like that you think I have hidden talent let's just keep it at that. ;-)


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