Friday, June 13, 2008

take time to realize

colbie caillat's "realize" song has been on repeat on my itunes. i think i'm almost over her, but it should take about 1-2 more weeks before i just simply can't listen to her again for at least a couple months.

why did i quote her line.."take time to realize" ???
b/c we all would benefit from taking some time to realize the nuances of reality. you'll find that a little smile might just form on your face.

tried a bbq flavored baked meal worm, and got a new ornament for my keys. "hello mister box."

waited for my 24 minute late train. it was worth waiting so i could capture this guy's creative design!

took the train to santa clara to meet up with an old friend. we ate korean food at a local mom and pop's and chatted for a couple hours.

in light of my dinner conversation with linda (the friend i mentioned above), i was feeling pretty open and felt a spirit of spontaneity inside. i hopped on the train, parked my bike (the picture is of an open bike rack in the bike car on the caltrain), and sat in a 4-some seat diagonal from some random dude. we chatted for a bit and then this other random man behind me joined in, and then the lady next to me started chuckling b/c of the topic of our conversation and what i found out! it was pretty funny. anyway, i accidentally got off an exit early, so i decided i'd just bike home from there. (it's only a few miles, if that). turned on my lights, and with t-shirt and jeans, rode in the dark night (a lil before 11pm).

the cool night breeze against the exposed parts of my body coupled with the blackness engulfing me felt liberating as i pedaled quickly toward home. i almost felt kinda cool (not temperature-wise). hahaha

as soon as i made a quick right into the driveway, i felt like.."this day is complete. i lived it to the full, as much as i was able." well, and then of course i had to update my blog to REALLY finish out my day. in my sleepiness, i updated my blog and realized the moment i got up that i think i forgot to tell this story and talk about my red toes! so here i am - bye.

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  1. pleasant surprises that night! one of the best nights of my week. :)


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