Sunday, June 22, 2008

some people say i'm lucky. i think that's bs.


no, i'm not trying to be cynical; i'm just being frank.

and i'm referring to 3 day weekends.

for me, every weekend is a 3-day weekend. how cool is that?! VERY.

when people find that out about my schedule, the most frequent response is, "wow, you're so lucky!" and i think to myself...."yeah, i guess you can call it 'luck,'" but really i like to call it choice.

the summer of 2005 spoiled me. it was when i got a taste of working 4 days a week and spending 3 day weekends in the mission (where I was living at the time), roaming around, going to cafes, sitting at parks to read, checking out galleries and museums, ending up in places i didn't know existed and having serendipitous encounters with strangers. all of those mini adventures amounted to that summer being the best summer of my life up to that point.

and from what i've learned about myself thus far - i am a free spirit and i love having the time freedom to do where my heart leads. so, i've made choices to have 3-day weekends with some level of sacrifice.

here's a glimpse of this past weekend, starting with friday morning. where there are gaps, fill in with peet's coffee, photo editing, gardening, naps, bike rides, dancing, meeting new people, lots of music, stepping out of my comfort zone + quality time.

found a lil friend that made his home on my bike. so, we rode along the baylands together.

in the stillness of the morning, i was allowed to experience the peace of nature.

the trusty bike. i need to give it a name. suggestions?

found the baylands nature preserve and saw hundreds and hundreds of sparrows (i think), their nests and babies. met a Costa Rican nature photographer along the way.

walked a long bridge into the baylands. sat under the sun, read
a stroke of insight and took a 5 minute nap. i was tired, had been up since 3am that day, and it was 8:30am when i started getting sleepy.

met up with
steph, dave, and john for dinner in rwc. we were going to go to a silk screening party, but i didn't realize it was in a different location. :( this picture is where i took this one back in march.

i genuinely love my life.


  1. good post. i guess it's more of a choice than luck. and, it was fun hanging and that last pic was well edited (or processed).

  2. i love that you love your life! YOU INSPIRE ME!!

  3. great photos. i wish i had your talent...but i'm just starting out.

    ps. started my new food blog finally:

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  5. Great shots, Liz. I especially love the one of your bike and I thought of a name for your bike. . . Blue.

    I wish I am living in a country where I can ride out in my bike at 7am :(

    Oooh! And those ARE Sparrows. In the nests you will find dried up sparrow "spit" that becomes what the Chinese loves. . . Bird's Nest.

  6. i like the bird in the water photo... it looks like you went somewhere far away to take that photo.

  7. if you made a career taking pictures, you'd love it even more, then you wouldn't need 3 days off a week because you'd be loving EVERY day! hahaahah. It's all about loving what you do 100% of the time or close to it as possible.

  8. y not name your bike Free Spirit? =)

  9. liz - i love all those shots! you make me want to take even more pictures with every little thing i do. i dont think i can be even more annoying to those that dont appreciate pictures as much as some of us do, but you gave me new meaning. now i have to learn to touch up pictures. those rock SOLID!


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