Wednesday, June 11, 2008

shy lil fellow

It was funny to see how shy Roy was when I first asked him to model for me, but I could tell he was giddy inside because this curious lil grin appeared on his face. I won't post his very first picture because you can tell in his shoulders and facial expression that he was genuinely uncomfortable. But, let me tell you, on the way down to the lobby (from only the 6th floor), something changed b/c then he started looking like this. Hot, right? (Ladies..he's single!)

We roamed around the city and did anything and everything in the sweltering heat and humidity of New York. We even splashed around in a large fountain outside of the mac store...and started a trend b/c suddenly there were a number of folks in there with us.


making change, new york, new life
a beautiful thing


  1. i cannot seem to let nyc go...
    i'm worried my firm grip on it will hurt me in the end.

    please, God.

  2. love the second and last photo! the last one has great light! good job! keep up the good work! =)

  3. haha awesome pictures... dude you have an st-e2 now?! ahaha Scott got to you... now you just need a flash =) and a person to hold your flash.. haha.

  4. those pictures came out hot! roy (aka america's next top man model) came out great! for sure. hahaha i love it i love it.


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