Sunday, June 1, 2008

random hoo-has

This weekend was weird, spontaneous, isolating, and highly productive.

Imagine this:
Asian lady in her 50s.
Dark blue one piece collared, button down dress with a thin matching belt.
The dress had small white flowers all over it.
Large, wide-brimmed off-white hat.
Bright red wheel barrel
Cute medium sized cream colored dog, lying still on it's side.
Half the body covered with a blanket as if it had gotten tucked into bed.

me: [I pull out my ipod out of my ears...] Oh, is that your dog? *smile*
the lady: Oh.
me: Is it dead?
the lady: Yeah. [Walks away quickly rolling the wheel barrel in front of her].
me: [I kept running, feeling weird that at 1pm on a suburban Friday afternoon, I had such a random encounter].

so weird...

Rode my bike to Nyam's work on Friday and convinced her to leave work early so that we could get frozen yogurt at Fraiche Yogurt. Her colleague Matt came too and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the company and the frozen goodies.

Spent almost the entire day by myself in my room. Just felt like being alone.

Organize Organize Organize.... packed away books, organized thousands of pictures, edited photos from a recent wedding shoot, installed e-socket plates, reorganized a new refrigerator, and managed to download 4 bad songs out of 5 -- all in one day.

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