Friday, June 27, 2008

loco - part II

a while back, i posted an image that often provoked a response that went something like, "WHAT IS THAT?!"

I'm not quite sure what people were imagining... but here's a zoomed out picture of loco, lisa's love.

and on a totally different note. I just spent 2 hours (seriously) captivated by gh kim photography. their art is seriously inspiring! and now it's 2am. what am i going to do with all this energy!?

hopefully, it'll manifest in tomorrow's wedding where I'm shooting with jerry yoon.
i'm excited about the day because i can't wait to see other creatives in action! he has a really distinct style and i love his eye. well, the other things i appreciate is that jerry encouraged me a couple times on the phone to just have a ton of fun and to get as creative as possible. There's something about hearing that, that makes my insides tingle in gleeeee.

i can't wait to post pics, especially b/c the second half of this week has been a little....uninspiring. (i know! i can't believe it....)

have a great weekend'll be a good one. i'm going on a field trip on saturday (self-planned) so i'll have plenty of things to share. what are you up to?



  1. Wow, you know jerry? I went to school and church with him.. really small world. And I recognized one of the guys in his wedding shoots.. KEE!

    Small world.

  2. @roy - i know! totally small world. Well, the reason how i know jerry and kee is through helen. :-)

  3. sounds like an eventful weekend... have FUN! :) can't wait to see your photo updates.

  4. ooh I love GH photography! I've been following their xanga for a while now...but i always went to

    can't wait to see your pics!!!


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