Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2 trains, 3 flights, 3 states, and 12 hours later

Yes, it took me that long to get to La Guardia airport today. SFO, Dulles, Philly, and finally NY. Oh my.

And worst part of it all, I don't have my luggage, so I'm sorta needing to compromise tonight. Hmm... things like:

Using a very mini toothbrush
Sleeping in some of the clothes I wore all day during my "national tour"
Re-wearing it all again tomorrow
yada yada yada

But, I'm grateful I made it to NY and that I'll be getting my suitcase (hopefully) tomorrow afternoon.

This picture was taken by Scott at midnight (EST) on a shuttle to the United terminal to pick up Abigail and figure out my delayed bag situation. The guy on the right is Bandele, an phenomenal photographer from the UK! (Tonight, I nominated him Vice President of the Scott Robert Fan Club).


  1. very, very, very glad to see that you still traveling and having fun my dear friend!
    Here, I started to work with some animators for a cartoon project (independent short), a GD magazine, and starting my own GD studio with some friends....
    I miss my days in the US, and meeting people like you will be the only reason to go back.....
    Wish you the best!!!!

  2. I'm so jealous! Wish I could be at the workshop too. Say hi to everyone! Post loads of pictures!

  3. i'd recommend the cuban corn or grimaldi's pizza in brooklyn, but i didn't have the chance to try either. so instead, i'll recommend the double stack portobello mushroom burger (with both meat patty and mushroom) at shake shack in madison sq park.

    do it, do it...

    i heart ny.

  4. oh no! sounds tiring. hope you've gotten a bit of rest and that you're enjoying things so far!


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