Friday, May 23, 2008

it's like a clicking exploration

That's exactly what it is. I click click click around and press fancy action buttons and see what everything does, and with this and that combination...I get -- whoa! Yeah, stuff like this:

I'm starting to like post-processing more; but I can see it becoming an obsessive type of activity. I don't think my hands, eyes, back, (uh, whole body) can take that.

So the picture is of my colleague Terika, who let me practice photography on her. Posing, lighting, blahbity-blah. It was the day I had to improv that we walked around downtown Redwood City.

Let me get your opinion: What are your thoughts on photo editing?


  1. Photo editing, in my opinion, is like cooking fusion cuisine. You take a perfectly good french dish (a good normal untouched photograph) but you make it a bit unique by using an Asian spice or using Jalapenos instead of the usual Capsicum/Bell Peppers (layers). . . VOILA! GENIUS DISH!

    With photo editing, you can make an otherwise useless reject of a photo into something creative and funky and "twisted".

    Is there a difference between photo editing and using filters? For starters, you can go buck wild and crazy! The sky's the limit!

  2. Oh! And I love this picture. Very funky fresh :)

  3. i like the photo! Nice. Post processing finishes your artistic vision!


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