Friday, May 16, 2008

the girl that cried spider

The apple genius thought I was messing around when I said that I think there's a spider in my computer. The first time I mentioned it, he just gave me a smirk sort of indicating, "uh, yeah right." I just thought...I guess he doesn't think it's really a big deal. I mentioned it again, and asked him if he thought maybe that's why my computer was freaking out occasionally. He gave me that same vibe again. "Hmm... Yeah, I guess he doesn't think that a spider inside my portable is what's causing the screen to pixelate and go berserk."

Finally, when I explained the entire story about how I saw a spider crawl out from the vents and sneak back in, he finally said..."OH! It's a real spider you're referring to?!"

"Uh, yeah..." I thought to myself.

He thought I was just using the spider analogy for what my computer was doing when it was freaking out on me.

Anyway, he shipped it off to get repaired. That means, I won't have my compy on me for over a week! This is a bit of a shock for my system since I use it pretty much every single day.

What am I going to do about posting pictures you ask? WELL -- I think I'll probably post pics that are pretty raw and then share a short anecdote about it.

Like this picture.

I took this at a wedding that I assisted at. Uh, and I use that term "assisted" loosely. I went to watch Scott in action at a wedding. (I like to argue that I worked pretty hard, but I did indeed enjoy coffee, cake, the dinner, and all of that, whereas Scott was running around capturing the wedding). After the ceremony, we went to the reception area to get our polaroid taken. We took one to put in the guest book, then took 3 more so that each of us could keep one. But, ended up taking 5 because every time we'd take one, we didn't like how one aspect turned out. She probably thought we were a bunch of nutty photographers who expected perfection from a polariod. "We" being Bandele, me, and Scott.


  1. A new post makes me happy though I'm sad to hear that you won't have your computer for a week. A spider living in your computer, I've never heard of that before. Hopefully he escapes before he gets removed by the Apple repair people.

  2. I have a feeling spider fried up.


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