Saturday, March 29, 2008

tweet tweet

I've been fascinated by twitter and want everyone I know to join. Mostly so that I can seem cool because I have lots of followers. Exactly. No, it's actually because I have to follow strangers since none of my friends are using. (Still referring to twitter)

Most of the folks I know have given me blank stares when I ask, "Have you heard of twitter?" I thought I was surrounded by hip tech-savvy people here in the bay area, but apparently the twitter movement hasn't hit them yet. If you want to understand what Twitter's all about, click here right now. Lee LeFever put together a twitter for dummies video.

You can follow me on twitter by actually joining (preferred) or by checking my blog more often than you already do (also preferred). The "I Tweet, You Tweet" section on the right, is where you'll see my tweets tweet up throughout the day.

It can't hug me, but I can hug it.

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