Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i admit

...I haven't been taking daily pictures! Waah. My life's been a bit consumed recently with work and then when I get home, there's other personal work I need to do. OK, I'll stop whining.

I've had to savor the moments that haven't translated into pictures, but nonetheless still make me tingle inside.
  • Last Tuesday, I watched a lindy dancer on the social dance floor and was ignited again for swing.
  • I hung out with some middle school aged kids on Saturday and their spontaneity and imagination totally made me think...I wannabe a kid again. (That's a lie...I don't actually want to be a kid).
  • Finally designed and sent my new biz cards to the printer last night. I'll post the design one day this week.
  • Got a photo/text from my sister on Monday, with a picture of Sage that said, "Just for you." My heart seriously oozed.
  • I finally ordered my very own macbook pro. This DEFINITELY made me tingle.

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