Monday, March 3, 2008

+ beat books

I have no idea what this is, but it caught my eye. It was leaning against a bookshelf on the floor in a small bookstore in Glen Park . I didn't feel compelled to investigate it further; I just wanted to use it to get a cool picture to post to. Sometimes I can be just that...a user and abuser - especially to pieces of wood that lean against bookshelves.

But, I didn't just take pictures of this wonderfully quaint little store, I also enjoyed their miniature chairs for their miniature customers. I hope my friend doesn't mind that I took a picture and posted her backside so that I could give you some context for how tiny this little chair is. (btw: cute ass!)

Finally, this is me in the store. That mini chair featured above is the one supporting my feet. While relaxin in my lil set up, I finished an entire book in 3.5 minutes. And yes, it looks like a children's book with minimal words and lots of pictures.

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