Friday, January 18, 2008

8am deadline

I get the feeing that for many people - let me rephrase - mainly women (and some men) that get into work around 8/8:30am, grab a cup of coffee and sit down at their desks -- getting updated with their favorite blogs for the first 15-20 minutes or so before they actually start their work day is a daily ritual. There's a research study on this behavior that I don't know about that confirms my statement as the truth. It makes sense, reading blogs is like reading world news: it's just that important. Especially when it's content that's featured here, or here, or here.

Um, yeah. That said, sorry to all of you that thought I delivered "Fresh Everyday." I lied. Yesterday, I was an anxious mess trying to get to the airport on time because I was sure I'd miss my one-hour delayed flight to LA. (Thanks Southwest); I went dancing at Lindygroove and had a guy reject me for a dance (Who in their right mind would-o nevermind); and then fell asleep immediately afterward (well, that is...I fell asleep immediately after two attempts at writing an entry that I could post last night so that you all would be entertained this morning with a pretty new picture and some scribble that maybe makes you snicker a "heh").

I'm spending the weekend in LA, so I should have some good jankity jank janks to work with.

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