Tuesday, December 18, 2007


You can find me at AJ's Green Laundromat/Dry Cleaners every other week doing what many people all over the world do: laundry. This laundromat is unique, definitely not because it's owned by a 1st generation Korean, but because the owner lets this funky French artist paint all over the walls, washing machines, dryers, floor, bars, ceiling, everything! I've never been to such a brilliant place full of random paintings of flowers, flags, swirls and other do-da's. And, amid all of the colorful chaos, there's a lonely yellow chair-bench that sits between the $2/wash and the $2.50/wash industrial washing machines. We've become acquaintances over the last few months, but I still prefer to sit on top of the tables as I hypnotically watch my clothes go round and round.

say hello.

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